Entries by Jeroen Timmermans

What On Earth

So we’d sailed across the Styx Another batch of the dead What do you know? Some of them wouldn’t leave the raft Just stood and laughed What do you know? They said, “Where’s the fair and where’s the Ferris Wheels? This looks nothing like Elysian Fields” So I told them to get bent “What on […]

That’s What You Do

My baby is blue And I can feel her pain She got rejected once again But I will pull her through ‘Cause that’s what you do Her folks always say: “It’s a cruel, cruel world And you’re not getting any younger, girl” They haven’t got a clue That that’s what you do Every time I […]

The Water in Me

Before time As chaos ruled the seas The first of suns ascended Her belly plump with child With a bang She spawned the infant sky Pillaring the heavens Which made the saddened seas subside So the orphaned clouds Wept upon the mainland drenched the clay and carved up silent stone While the waves awaited The […]

Folding Carton Town

Poor Gravel was a loner And the village he called home Hunkered deep down in the dirt of thunder valley A bulwark of cardboard Paper ‘nstead of stone Shaded by a heavy cloud of rain As the sawmill was feasting on the forest Gravel watched as every little shower Wrecked his house in folding carton […]

How About Today

Had we but world enough and time Then this dawdling, baby,’d be no crime We could howl at the moon Marvel at the sun Get to know the neighbors And shake hands with everyone When will I get it? By now I know what I want most Where am I headed By keeping my options […]

Hit It Off Online

Just to be with you I’m on Facebook the whole day through You’ve got me hooked Although our avatars have virtual hearts We hit it off online

Dime a Dozen Didgeridoo

You want cash? You’ll be a jiffy Get a bucketful of heart Use a Bob Ross brush Nick a riff Elaborate on some mush To get known Use neon graffiti No can do That’s a silvery hue Just blurt Like semen So grab your wiener And spill your guts To get a lap dance from […]

The Mirage

No shelter There’s no way around And you dwindle as you’re slowly being Sandpapered down You’re out of focus As you disintegrate in time Then you see that spiral stairway But you don’t wanna join that file You know you’re done for You snap at any bait, you’ll see It ain’t your eyes that deceive […]


My aching heart’s on Medicare I take it with me everywhere Like dirty socks and underwear Underneath my clothes I keep it safely locked away Inside my secret dossier There’s so much heart break on display Behind tear-frosted glass I hold my tongue and count to three Chatterboxes suffer ‘cause they cannot see Directly through […]


It’s an empty cornucopia A romcom kind of utopia Far away from the naughty fires Hark! A harp and an angel choir Oh Boy! What a drag I look retarded in this rouge and wig And all this satin makes my ass look big Won’t stick around to see the whole goddamned thing sag No, […]

Assembly Line

So the code has been cracked All the judges are sacked Left like dinosaur snacks On the assembly line This time Lucifer’s a taylor He’s a brothel and a shrine The push and the cushion The assembly line Hide your barcode from the lens Don’t tell your Barbie friends Drag your plastic ball and crawl […]

Disney Style

Let’s love each other Disney style Let us hitch a carpet ride Off to a place where valor‘s a virtue Damsels are chaste and heartbreak won’t hurt you Under cotton candy clouds If I could paint us over Disney style And dip my brush in a liquid star I’d be Prince Charming and you’d be […]