Sounds of Gospel Bands

She was a girl who claimed that she knew
That god was love. She was one of those
Lukewarm girls
As she curled up on my bed
I said to her

All I know’s your daddy’s not here
But you’re divine. And I saw the tears
In her eyes
Oh my ego in disguise

Damn! So our Lord’s a famous man
I bet there’s tons of Buddha fans
We’re like tourists in the kingdom
Enjoying sounds of gospel bands
Deliverance on demand
Brochures full of wisdom

How we’d fight over matters of faith
I think I was a Buddhist then
Craving for her touch
But she couldn’t quench my thirst
God came first

A wedge in between, a fork in the road
Reciting lines from different odes
To the love
That blows your mind away


We dreamed our dreams of somewhere else
Collecting shells the tide’s washed in
Scavenging, hurrying
We dug them deep out of the dunes
Broken gospel tunes
Oblivious of the ocean, off beat