Disney Style

Let’s love each other Disney style
Let us hitch a carpet ride
Off to a place where valor‘s a virtue
Damsels are chaste and heartbreak won’t hurt you
Under cotton candy clouds

If I could paint us over Disney style
And dip my brush in a liquid star
I’d be Prince Charming and you’d be Snow White
We’d live on a farm in a faraway land and I’d
Edit him out of your heart

So the plot unfurls
A baddie took my girl
And he locked her in his lair
But in cartoon romance
Rogues don’t stand a chance
So no need to worry
I’m on my way there

I’ll rescue you Walt Disney style
Cause only heroes should prevail
And after killing the villain, and the dragon’s been slain
The castle is free from the hassle again
Oooh that’s that, what a tale

A final close-up
The apotheosis of bliss
No longer dawdling
Outrageously maudlin
Our closed-lipped,
True love’s kiss