Assembly Line

So the code has been cracked
All the judges are sacked
Left like dinosaur snacks
On the assembly line

This time Lucifer’s a taylor
He’s a brothel and a shrine
The push and the cushion
The assembly line

Hide your barcode from the lens
Don’t tell your Barbie friends
Drag your plastic ball and crawl
‘Cause both prisoners and guards
Got carbon-copy hearts

The assembly line
Got a bunch of wires
Running through our spines
Got clockwork souls
Off the assembly line
And there’s cogwheels turning
In our hearts and minds
And there’s millions more just like you

It’s a short circuit track
From the furnace and back
You’re both burned and you’re shined
On the assembly line

This hologram we’re in
This haunted Holiday Inn
No one ever leaves
You tread your mill just like a rat
Until your battery runs flat


Rise fellow mystics
Our silence is our crime
It’s you, me and all misfits
Against the Twitter paradigm
You can’t have my heaven
Put my god back in my tree
I’ll rejinx your lobes
If you hallow half of me