It’s an empty cornucopia
A romcom kind of utopia
Far away from the naughty fires
Hark! A harp and an angel choir

Oh Boy! What a drag
I look retarded in this rouge and wig
And all this satin makes my ass look big
Won’t stick around to see the whole goddamned thing sag
No, no nectar and ambrosia no more

I prayed the Lord: “God, give me a break
Set me free from ennui for heaven’s sake”
He snapped his fingers and a trapdoor opened wide

And I came down with a mighty smack
Felt the sting of stumps on my naked back
And I was covered up in cotton fig leaf rags

And I wound up in a sacred place
Where they locked my heart and masked my face
Oh no nectar and ambrosia no more

Thought I’d come down here for a good time
For some sublunary kicks
Folks here aren’t fine
With a just wisp of the divine
So they’re in a fix
They get a teaser of heaven
A little preview of the gates
Flapping without feathers
Some stop trying altogether
Others wait
Call that fate?

Oh boy what a drag
For sheer fun, these folks, if you ask me,
Are simply lacking the capacity
I swear to God, Good Lord, from now on I will nag
About nectar and ambrosia no more