What On Earth

So we’d sailed across the Styx
Another batch of the dead
What do you know?
Some of them wouldn’t leave the raft
Just stood and laughed
What do you know?
They said, “Where’s the fair and where’s the Ferris Wheels?
This looks nothing like Elysian Fields”
So I told them to get bent
“What on earth
Did you think that heaven meant?”

Now, that didn’t go down well
And an awkward silence fell
A corpse dripping with jewelry
Said she couldn’t endure to be
Among those on the dole
(I said) Nothing’s divided in this place
Along the lines of money, birth or race
No palaces or tents
What on earth
Did you think that heaven meant?

No you can’t see the manager
No you can’t see the manager
No you can’t see the manager

What on earth
Were you praying for
A Bacchanal?
Or an Apple store
What on earth?

Why don;t you hush and rush
Up to the pearly gates
What’s on earth
Doesn’t sit that great
With your maker here

The dead by now had thrown a fit
Snatched my pole and split
What do you know?
Little they knew they’d just set me free
God the Irony
Cause what do you know?
Now they’re the tour guides for our shores
Unawareof what the voyage’s for
I bet they now repent
What on earth
Did you think that heaven meant?

That’s What You Do

My baby is blue
And I can feel her pain
She got rejected once again
But I will pull her through
‘Cause that’s what you do

Her folks always say:
“It’s a cruel, cruel world
And you’re not getting any younger, girl”
They haven’t got a clue
That that’s what you do

Every time I drive her to another bleak audition
We’re two freaks on a mission
And her eyes turn bright
I don’t mind
We’re making up her story
And I’m bound for her glory too

Don’t wake her up
Don’t talk her down
Why would be that guy
That pops balloons before her eyes
‘Cause if you tell her lies
Like ‘dreams don’t come true’
That’s what you do

Every time I drive her to another bleak audition
We’re two freaks on a mission
And her eyes turn bright
I don’t mind
We’re making up her story
And I’m bound for her glory too

No matter how easy the fall
No matter how high up the wire
She’s walking the high wire today

No matter how joyless the crowd
No matter how afraid we both are
She walking the high wire today

The Water in Me

Before time
As chaos ruled the seas
The first of suns ascended
Her belly plump with child

With a bang
She spawned the infant sky
Pillaring the heavens
Which made the saddened seas subside

So the orphaned clouds
Wept upon the mainland
drenched the clay and
carved up silent stone
While the waves awaited
The animated stone

Being a writer’s my defiance these days
Armed with words I keep the world at bay
That’s probably why
Each time I run dry
I fear I might fade away

I pitch a song against the wrongs I’ve been doing
One that’s been sleeping on my tongue for years
It’s tearfully wet
And soaked in regret
called the water in me
Here’s the water in me

There we are
Eons since the fall
Gathered along the coastline
Stripped of skin and mind
And as one
We moved towards the surf
Welcoming by water
Unburdening the earth

I’ve got a reason to be right here right now
The world is liquid and I’m a stone
When my life is done
My ripple will run on
across the great roaring sea
That’s the water in me

Folding Carton Town

Poor Gravel was a loner
And the village he called home
Hunkered deep down in the dirt of thunder valley
A bulwark of cardboard
Paper ‘nstead of stone
Shaded by a heavy cloud of rain
As the sawmill was feasting on the forest
Gravel watched as every little shower
Wrecked his house in folding carton town

Though gravel was no scholar
When a pebble hit his head
He resolved to get some stone to build a cottage
But the mayor, who owned the sawmill,
Had him strapped unto a bed
Some are folded with a fault, the doctor said
But the pills they made him take he would now swallow
One morning as hail was pounding down
He fled the site of folding carton town

He woke up sore and gritty
Into the emptiness of night
So he fumbled through the void for something solid
Then he came upon a cabin
Staggering inside
He saw a cauldron on fireplace alight
To this day, no one knows what then transpired
Some say Gravel’s that lonesome hollow sound
That haunts the nights of folding carton town

How About Today

Had we but world enough and time
Then this dawdling, baby,’d be no crime
We could howl at the moon
Marvel at the sun
Get to know the neighbors
And shake hands with everyone

When will I get it?
By now I know what I want most
Where am I headed
By keeping my options closed
Hire me, fire me
Read my resume
I’m available now
How about today?

Now try to apply to be a writer
Meet the insiders who will fight you off
When the bullet hits the marble
The arcade is at war
And no one ever knows what all the other buttons are for


Another lonely train and I know it’s bound for nowhere
and I’ll hop on all the same (etc.)


Hit It Off Online

Just to be with you
I’m on Facebook the whole day through
You’ve got me hooked
Although our avatars have virtual hearts
We hit it off online

Sounds of Gospel Bands

She was a girl who claimed that she knew
That god was love. She was one of those
Lukewarm girls
As she curled up on my bed
I said to her

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Disney Style

Let’s love each other Disney style
Let us hitch a carpet ride
Off to a place where valor‘s a virtue
Damsels are chaste and heartbreak won’t hurt you
Under cotton candy clouds

If I could paint us over Disney style
And dip my brush in a liquid star
I’d be Prince Charming and you’d be Snow White
We’d live on a farm in a faraway land and I’d
Edit him out of your heart

So the plot unfurls
A baddie took my girl
And he locked her in his lair
But in cartoon romance
Rogues don’t stand a chance
So no need to worry
I’m on my way there

I’ll rescue you Walt Disney style
Cause only heroes should prevail
And after killing the villain, and the dragon’s been slain
The castle is free from the hassle again
Oooh that’s that, what a tale

A final close-up
The apotheosis of bliss
No longer dawdling
Outrageously maudlin
Our closed-lipped,
True love’s kiss

Assembly Line

So the code has been cracked
All the judges are sacked
Left like dinosaur snacks
On the assembly line

This time Lucifer’s a taylor
He’s a brothel and a shrine
The push and the cushion
The assembly line

Hide your barcode from the lens
Don’t tell your Barbie friends
Drag your plastic ball and crawl
‘Cause both prisoners and guards
Got carbon-copy hearts

The assembly line
Got a bunch of wires
Running through our spines
Got clockwork souls
Off the assembly line
And there’s cogwheels turning
In our hearts and minds
And there’s millions more just like you

It’s a short circuit track
From the furnace and back
You’re both burned and you’re shined
On the assembly line

This hologram we’re in
This haunted Holiday Inn
No one ever leaves
You tread your mill just like a rat
Until your battery runs flat


Rise fellow mystics
Our silence is our crime
It’s you, me and all misfits
Against the Twitter paradigm
You can’t have my heaven
Put my god back in my tree
I’ll rejinx your lobes
If you hallow half of me



It’s an empty cornucopia
A romcom kind of utopia
Far away from the naughty fires
Hark! A harp and an angel choir

Oh Boy! What a drag
I look retarded in this rouge and wig
And all this satin makes my ass look big
Won’t stick around to see the whole goddamned thing sag
No, no nectar and ambrosia no more

I prayed the Lord: “God, give me a break
Set me free from ennui for heaven’s sake”
He snapped his fingers and a trapdoor opened wide

And I came down with a mighty smack
Felt the sting of stumps on my naked back
And I was covered up in cotton fig leaf rags

And I wound up in a sacred place
Where they locked my heart and masked my face
Oh no nectar and ambrosia no more

Thought I’d come down here for a good time
For some sublunary kicks
Folks here aren’t fine
With a just wisp of the divine
So they’re in a fix
They get a teaser of heaven
A little preview of the gates
Flapping without feathers
Some stop trying altogether
Others wait
Call that fate?

Oh boy what a drag
For sheer fun, these folks, if you ask me,
Are simply lacking the capacity
I swear to God, Good Lord, from now on I will nag
About nectar and ambrosia no more


My aching heart’s on Medicare
I take it with me everywhere
Like dirty socks and underwear
Underneath my clothes

I keep it safely locked away
Inside my secret dossier
There’s so much heart break on display
Behind tear-frosted glass

I hold my tongue and count to three
Chatterboxes suffer ‘cause they cannot see
Directly through their eyes
They’re shuttered up

Bla bla bla
Yap yap bladibla
Yakety yak ladida

Still looking for that proper noun
That’s slightly more than just a sound
The very thing that keeps me down
Is the claptrap in my brain

Let me mumble, let me be
I will not be ensnared in your verbosity
Go on and frame your heart
Cut it out


Guess we’re all just salesmen, slick and smooth
Selling junk to gain its revenue
Sometimes my back is bent
Shopping for blues
But when the neon’s gone
I feel like a fool


The Mirage

No shelter
There’s no way around
And you dwindle as you’re slowly being
Sandpapered down

You’re out of focus
As you disintegrate in time
Then you see that spiral stairway
But you don’t wanna join that file

You know you’re done for
You snap at any bait, you’ll see
It ain’t your eyes that deceive you
No it’s you
And you believe in the mirage

Don’t tell the others
‘Cause you’ll be laughed at and cursed
Still none of them is lucid
For the sunburn and the thirst

You know they’re done for
So you save the only life you can
It ain’t your eyes that deceive you
No it’s you
And you believe in the mirage

You ask yourself that question
Am I crazy or are they?
But you cannot answer
You don’t want to anyway
You just walk down that portal
For that river seems so real
But you’ve got to move more quickly
Than common sense congeals

You can’t believe it
Because unmistakably
Where myth and matter meet
You feel cool, cool water at your feet