Hit It Off Online

Just to be with you
I’m on Facebook the whole day through
You’ve got me hooked
Although our avatars have virtual hearts
We hit it off online

I google you
Click like to every coochie coo
I spam your inbox
I tweet, I buzz, keep you posted ’cause
We hit it off online
The real world’s
But a pit of gall
Full of meanies, spleen and fiends
I’m signing out
You’re my password
I’ll be bogged down and tethered
Until we logged on together
I sure download you
Check your website for a fresh ‘what’s new?’
Hope for an update
In separate seats
We snog in tweets
Be digitally mine
We sure hit off online
Screw the facts
Get the idea
That picture that I sent you isn’t really me
Ah sweet deceit
Hold on honey
Give your mum my wishes
Don’t want my wife to get suspicious
I’ll be tweeting you
We sure hit it off online
Bye bye
We sure hit it off online