The Water in Me

Before time
As chaos ruled the seas
The first of suns ascended
Her belly plump with child

With a bang
She spawned the infant sky
Pillaring the heavens
Which made the saddened seas subside

So the orphaned clouds
Wept upon the mainland
drenched the clay and
carved up silent stone
While the waves awaited
The animated stone

Being a writer’s my defiance these days
Armed with words I keep the world at bay
That’s probably why
Each time I run dry
I fear I might fade away

I pitch a song against the wrongs I’ve been doing
One that’s been sleeping on my tongue for years
It’s tearfully wet
And soaked in regret
called the water in me
Here’s the water in me

There we are
Eons since the fall
Gathered along the coastline
Stripped of skin and mind
And as one
We moved towards the surf
Welcoming by water
Unburdening the earth

I’ve got a reason to be right here right now
The world is liquid and I’m a stone
When my life is done
My ripple will run on
across the great roaring sea
That’s the water in me

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